The Benefits of Grooming

If your dog is of a particular breed or type, very shaggy or just a mucky pup, it's probably crossed your mind that you might want to have him professionally groomed or clipped.

If your dog's breed standard calls for a particular style of coat, or the dog is long haired or has very thick fur, you will probably have to pay special attention to their grooming.

It's not just poodles and bichon frise dogs that can benefit from professional grooming all dogs whether pedigree breeds or mixes, working dogs or sofa hounds, will feel the effects of a visit to the salon.

Some dogs need their coats tended to every day - If your dog has an undercoat, brushing alone is not sufficient to keep them in good condition, as brushing only reaches the surface layers of hair growth. You should be able to comb your dog right down to the skin, to avoid the fur matting or becoming unkempt.

Dogs also benefit from regular bathing to remove muck and dirt and to keep them smelling fresh - this is easier with some dogs than others, and dog groomers have all of the necessary equipment to bathe and clean your dog with the minimum amount of mess and fuss.

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