Aggressive Behaviour

I understand that for some dogs the grooming process can be very distressing, I accept this and try my best to make sure that the grooming process is as calm and relaxing as possible. If your dog however shows signs of being aggressive or tries to bite then I will muzzle your dog for safety. If it is deemed your dog is not setling and I view it to be too aggressive,distressed or a danger to it's self then I reserve the right to terminate the groom.


Any issues that are experienced during the grooming procedure will be noted and discussed with you when I return the dog back to you, I will make a note of this on the grooming card so we can build a history of how the dog is improving.

Matted Dogs

If your dog is severely matted please let me know when booking the appointment. All of my full grooms do not include 'extensive' de-matting. If I believe that your dog has sufficient enough matt's that the grooming process would require more work and time than a standard full groom an extra charge will apply, this be discussed during the hand over.

However, please be aware I abide by the Animal welfare act and will carry out a coat shave down if I deem it to be in the animals best interest rather then put it through unnecessary discomfort & distress, again this will be discussed during the hand over period.


I understand that life can get in the way and sometimes it is nescessary to cancel appointments, all I ask is that you give me at least 24 hours notice. Cancellations within the 24hr period will be subject to a charge as it is highly unlikely I will be able to rebook that slot. Rearranged appointments will have to be fitted into my schedule and openings may not be for a few days. This can be discussed at the time.

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