Puppies and first time grooming

A dogs first grooming session is similar to a child's first dentist visit. If a child goes to a dentist and has cavities filled, they will probably fear the dentist the rest of their life. If they go and it is a pleasant experience, they learn not to be afraid. Therefore, I take things slowly to minimise any stress and trauma.

They all LOVE my shower system in the end, however drying sometimes may scare them. So what I do to help them is hold them close to me and hand dry them. Usually by the 2nd or 3rd grooming session, they welcome being blow dried. Occasionally the clippers scare them, to familiarise them with it I allow the clippers to run while they are stood on the table so they can feel the vibration through their feet. Trimming of the sanitary area and face will depend on how the initial stages of the grooming or the clipping standard for the breed. I will discuss this with you in person at the time of the appointment, however if you have any questions about your pets appointment, please feel free to call me. I welcome questions at any time!

Older dogs


Old age doesn't come alone. As we know when we get older we may slow down have aches and pains and different sorts of problems, well it's no different for dogs. Many of my customers are old dogs and have all sorts of problems. Some are blind, deaf, have skin problems and many are arthritic.


Dogs like these need extra special care and I make sure they get it. Elderly dogs are given as many breaks as they need and if a groom becomes too stressful I will end the grooming session, as they can always come back another day to be finished.


Elderly dogs can find the grooming experience more stressful and therefore I feel it is of the upmost importance to minimize this.


I always put your dog’s welfare first and would rather lose a booking than put your beloved pooch through unnecessary stress.

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